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Managing Your Subscriptions

How to Manage your Squawk Box Account

Why can't I login to my account?

‎First thing's first, if you forgot your password, simply click "Forgot your password?" on the account page. If you have an account, you will receive an email to create an account.

Can I skip a month?

‎Skipping a month is available on the customer portal for month to month subscriptions.

Can I move my renewal date?

‎Yes! You can move your renewal date to any month within a calendar year using the customer portal.

Can I change the size of my Squawk Box?

‎Absolutely! We want to make sure that your birdie has the perfect box for them. If you want to swap your Squawk Box size, you can do so through the customer portal.

How can I apply a discount code to my subscription?

‎If you receive a discount code from our rewards, referrals, or reviews programs, you can apply it to your current subscription in your customer portal.

How do I update/change my payment method?

‎You can update your payment method in your customer portal.

What is your subscription cancellation policy

‎All subscription cancellations must be made at least 1 day prior to your renewal date (usually the 20th of the month). If your renewal date is the 20th, the 19th is the last day to cancel in order to not be billed for next month's shipment.

How do I cancel my subscription?

‎If you feel like you Squawk Box subscription is not fulfilling your bird's every desire, please reach out to us! The customer service team will work with you take make sure you and your feathered friend are happy.