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Can I change the size of my Squawk Box?Updated 2 years ago

Absolutely! We want to make sure that your birdie has the perfect box for them. If you want to swap your Squawk Box size, you can do so through the customer portal.

Product swaps must be done before your renewal date (20th of the month) in order to be captured properly. If you wish to swap your product after your product has renewed, please reach out to us.

Note: Currently the "Swap Product" feature in the customer portal only works for month to month subscriptions. If you would like to change your product and have a multi-month subscription, please contact us.

To change your Squawk Box product, follow the following steps:

1. Log into your Squawk Box account

2. Click on the "Manage Subscriptions" button

3. Find the subscription that you would like to cancel "Manage Subscription"

4. Click on the "Product" panel.

5. Select "Swap Product" in the sidebar and select your desired product.

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