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About Squawk Box

What is Squawk Box?

‎Squawk Box is a monthly subscription box for parrots. Each month your bird will receive a themed assortment of toys, treats, and more to keep them happy healthy and entertained throughout the month.

What comes in a Squawk Box?

‎Your birds will receive a themed assortment of toys, treats, and some other miscellaneous items each month. Depending on the size of box you ordered you will receive a different quantity of toys.

What size Squawk Box should I get?

‎We offer 4 sizes of boxes to perfectly serve your feathered friend. If you ever feel your box size does not work with your bird, contact us and we can swap your product.

Can I gift someone a Squawk Box?

‎Yes! Gifting a Squawk Box to your fellow bird lover is easy and a great way to treat a special feathered friends.

How often will I get my box?

‎You will receive your Squawk Box once a month for as many months as your birdie's heart desires.

When is the cutoff date to order next month's box?

‎The cutoff to order for next month's box is the 4th of the month. Orders placed after the 4th of the month will be on the list for next month's box.