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What comes in a Squawk Box?Updated 2 years ago

Your birds will receive a themed assortment of toys, treats, and some other miscellaneous items each month. Depending on the size of box you ordered you will receive a different quantity of toys.

Squawk Box SizeNumber of ToysNumber of Treats
Little Birdie41
Middle Birdie41
Big Birdie
Jumbo Birdie2 (1 extra large, 1 large)1

Toys: Our toys come from a variety of sources. We include items from some of the most trusted pet brands as well as handcrafted toys from local artisans. Safety is always a priority for us and we only include toys that we would give to our own birds!

Treats: All Squawk Box treats are healthy, whole food treats with no additives. Our treats are packaged in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients.  

Miscellaneous Items: Each Squawk Box comes with a themed postcard with fun bird facts, DIY bird treat recipes, and information on the bird rescue that we are donating to each month.

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