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How come my Squawk Box delivery failed and was returned to sender?Updated 2 years ago

Oh no! This is very frustrating to deal with. Failed deliveries can be confusing as the post office is never very clear on why the delivery did not succeed.

In our experience, deliveries almost always fail due to an insufficient or incorrect address. Please make sure that your address is 100% correct in to ensure a successful delivery.

Common Reasons for Insufficient Address failed Delivery

  • No apartment, condo, unit number
  • Wrong zip code
  • Wrong street address
  • Wrong street name
  • Addressee is not registered at that address.

Another reason packages can be returned is if the addressee name doesn't match the name on file at USPS. For this reason, we recommend using your own name (not your bird's, as cute as that may be) when entering shipping information for your Squawk Box.

If your package was returned to sender, please verify that the address is 100% correct and reach out to us. We will work with you to make it right.

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