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Do you have a rewards program?Updated 2 years ago

Yes, it's called Squawk Bucks! You can earn Squawk Bucks on every purchase you make and for other actions such as liking us on social media. You can redeem Squawk Bucks for real dollars that you can use towards your next one-time purchase or renewal.

How to sign up for Squawk Bucks:

Squawk Bucks requires you to have a Squawk Box account. If you don't have an account check out "Create an Account".

If you do have an account, please login here.

Click on the "Rewards" button on the bottom of squawkboxes.com.

This will take you to your rewards account.

Ways to earn Squawk Bucks:

There are several ways to earn Squawk Bucks. Check out the table below for more information:

How to redeem Squawk Bucks:

You can view and redeem your Squawk Bucks in the rewards portal. Click on "Ways to redeem" to see your options.

From here you can choose your desired reward:

You will be shown a coupon code. In this case I chose a $5 off New Subscription or Renewal reward. 

You can apply this coupon to a new subscription or an existing subscription renewal. To apply to a new subscription, enter this code when you checkout and pay for your new subscription.

To apply to a your next renewal, click on "Discount a subscription". 

This will take you to the customer portal. From there click "Manage Subscription" on the subscription you would like to discount.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Apply Discount". Enter your rewards coupon code in the side bar and click "Add Discount". Your discount code will be applied to your next renewal.

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